Stress management coaching for industry

The best cure is prevention

The UK loses millions of pounds every year on absenteeism from stress and anxiety. At present the only answer is rest and possibly medication from the GP – we call this firefighting. At Subconquest we value prevention as much as cure.

We work in many different types of industry from the NHS to teaching to accountancy and law. We create bespoke masterclass programmes that help individuals cope with stress and take back control, be it work related or home based. We work on the principle that you employed them because they have the right qualifications and experience and so we don’t do training around job specifics. We recognise that there is a person behind the job title and if that person is in a good place then they can excel at work and at play.

Utilising techniques from cognitive therapy and NLP, each masterclass is designed to ensure every individual gets exactly what they need to be the best version of themselves.

The feedback from these classes speaks for itself – lower absenteeism and a happier, healthier, more productive work force.