Find the therapist that's best for you

When you want to find a trade you trust, you ask a friend. Recommendations are as important as qualifactions.

There are many directories available on the internet that will provide you with a therapist in your area. Some of these directories go to great lengths to ensure they find you a therapist that has passed their relevant exams and holds a current qualification; that they belong to the correct governing bodies for their discipline; that they are properly insured and have suitable therapy rooms; that they are undergoing training with continued supervision; that they have been practicing for a certain number of years. Lots of bits of paper are checked and monitored to create a list for you to choose from.

At Subconquest we learnt very early on that for all the checks and cross checks these directories do, there is one fundamental and very important thing they do not do. At Subconquest we carry out all of the above checks but we go one step further. We meet the therapists, interview them and look at feedback from their clients. From there we decide if we would send a friend or a loved one to them.

At Subconquest we know it’s not just about qualifications and years of experience, it’s also about the relationship between the therapist and the client. Everyone is very different and will connect to a different personality type in their therapist, so we do all we can to match your personality type and your needs with the therapist that will best suit you, to help make the difference you need.