Helping you be the best version of you

Subconquest matches you with the right therapist for your needs in an area convenient for you

If you are searching for one to one therapy for yourself, family or friends, here at Subconquest we recognise how individual your needs are and so we ensure every service we provide is unique to you.

Through our rigorous qualification process we ensure that we are providing therapists and coaches with the right training, certification and experience – but most importantly, the therapist that best suits who you are and what you need.

Subconquest provides bespoke masterclasses to help your team take control of home and work-life stresses

At Subconquest we work with you to design a masterclass programme that helps your team with communication skills for colleagues and clients. We teach your team how to find their on/off switch so that they can take control of their work-life balance. We help them recognise what it is that causes them personal stress at work and home and give them coping strategies so that they can take back control.

We also provide bespoke coaching for children and those working with children based on the concept of Ollie, through our dedicated Ollie coaches.